The first building of Peace Village inaugurates by Mr. K.T Jaleel on 5-01-2018, Friday , De addiction centre foundation stone laying by C.K Saseendran , Foundation stone laying of administration block by M. I. Shanavas M.P

Welcome To Peace Village

A Space To Touch Lives

Peace Village is a shelter for the destitute left stranded at the crossroads of life. Here it is that their salty tears- right from the innocent child to the helpless elder-blossom into smiles of hope. It is here that the hopeless gain new wings of hope. Here it is that they climb from the confining restriction of recurring heartaches into the abode of peace and tranquility from the pathways shrouded in darkness into the dazzling light of the heavens above.

Lap of Affection

A shelter for abandoned new-born babies

Flowering Gardens

Rehabilitation Centre for orphaned street children

Martial Skill

Orientation and training for students with an aptitude for humanitarian service


Development centre for inculcating self-employment skills in women


Cottages for the service-minded to settle down, together with their families.


Pain and palliative care which reaches out to terminally ill patients in their homes


Counselling centre for those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses


Deaddiction centre for those addicted to drugs and intoxicants.

Shores of Compassion

The loving home of the destitute.

Abode of Mercy

Shelter of the differently abled, for the physically and mentally challenged.

Abode of Mercy

Care for the physically and mentally challenged. This Abode of Mercy is a heaven of fragrant love for those shunned by society and those who have become a burden for their family... We help them to reach the safe shores of life by not just providing them food and shelter, but also through all possible vocational - skills training available..


A helping hand to free oneself of the temptation of drug intoxicants. Deaddiction camps for those addicted to drugs which destroy everything of valve - Personality, family, wealth... Camps of 20 - 30 days duration depending on specific requirements... The services of a dedicated team of expert counselors, psychologists, spiritual healers..

The Softest Smile

Counseling centre for those suffering from depression, anxiety, frustration and the inability to cope with the difficulties of life.

Shores of Compassion

For the destitute who crumple down in the heat of life's midday sun... For those of belaboured breath, before helplessness, exhaustion and advanced age... For them, we become their shade...
We will hold their hands...
We will lend them our ears...
And hold them close to our hearts...

Featured Programme

The Sheltering Tree Nurtured In Peace Village, Where Life Touches Us a While.

We Need Volunteers

To give, provide and or render help and assistance in cash or kind to poor and or destitute people, widows etc. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.

How can you help?

Send a Donation

To establish, promote, set up, run , maintain, assist, finance support or any aid to or help in the setting up and or maintaining and or orphanage, old age homes and other care homes, widow homes, lunatic asylums…

Buy Related Goods

To open and maintain, finance, support and or aid in the setting up and or maintaining and or running hospitals, boarding houses, library, reading rooms etc.

Donate Blood

To give, provide and or render monitoring and or other help and assistance for the relief of the persons and animal affected by natural and other calamities such as flood, famine, cyclone, earthquake etc.

Become a Volunteer

To promote, organize, administer, establish , support and maintain and or grand , aid to any person ,institutions or society or organization whatsoever having for its objects for its charitable purposes and incur expenditure in connection there with.

No one has ever become poor by giving.

We only have what we give. !!

A place for worship, a good library, an auditorium and a shelter for the wayfarers: all add to the attraction of 'Peace Village.'