About Peace Village

A Space To Touch Lives

Peace village foundation has established under the provision of the Indian Trust Act, 1882 as applicable and general laws as applicable and to be registered under the Regulation to carry on the welfare, charitable and social development activity. The peace village is situated at, pinangode wayand district, kerala. Area of operation- the objects/ activities of the trust shall be carried out whole of India.

Peace Village is a shelter for the destitute left stranded at the crossroads of life. Here it is that their salty tears- right from the innocent child to the helpless elder-blossom into smiles of hope. It is here that the hopeless gain new wings of hope. Here it is that they climb from the confining restriction of recurring heartaches into the abode of peace and tranquility from the pathways shrouded in darkness into the dazzling light of the heavens above.

It is the benign grace of the Creator that flows out across as an ocean of mercy and spans the farthest reaches of the universe. Man, too, has been given a drop out of that ocean by the divine. Indeed, it is the Prophet's loving instruction to "be kind to those on earth, so that He who is in Heaven may be kind to you," which prompts us to move out in missions of mercy amongst our neighborhoods. It is that prompting which is the corner stone of Peace Village. This is truly the place where we get to touch and feel life and its myriad celebrations.

Board of Trustees

K A siddique Hassan (Chairman)

Muhammed Baliyil (General Secretary)


To establish , promote, ,set up, run , maintain, assist, finance support or any aid to or help in the setting up and or maintaining and or orphanage , old age homes and other care homes, widow homes, lunatic asylums…etc.

To give, provide and or render help and assistance in cash or kind to poor and or destitute people, widows. etc.

To give, provide any scheme for providing livelihood and uplift of the poor.

To provide or render food, medicine and other help and or assistance in any shape or form to the poor deserving and needy persons.

To give, provide and or render monitoring and or other help and assistance for the relief of the persons and animal affected by natural and other calamities such as flood, famine, cyclone, earthquake etc.

To provide or distribute blankets, rugs, woolen clothing, silk or other varieties of cloth or other articles of necessities and facilities for the poor.

To introduce and run the centers for child adoption using all methods including but not limited to child cradle methods and concepts, open adoption and other adoption ways and to act as a facilitator, agent, nodal agency etc. for initiating and promoting the child adoption.

To open , found , establish , promote , set up maintain , assist, finance, support or aid or help in the setting up and or maintaining or running schools, colleges and other establishments, institutions in arts, science and all other useful subjects in all their manifestations and to organize, arrange and support other cultural activities.

To open and maintain, finance, support and or aid in the setting up and or maintaining and or running hospitals, boarding houses, library, reading rooms etc.

To promote advance, and encourage and or aid in helping, promoting, advancing and encouraging primary, secondary and higher education including technical and medical education also physical training, training of hand crafts, finance and other useful arts, crafts among the public including the establishment and maintenance of centers for them.

To foster and encourage education and training in handicrafts, fine arts among women folk in general and establish and found institutions imparting such education and to establish, maintain, support or help monetary gifts or otherwise, centers and institution for women and children and to provide social welfare works for women and children's.

To grand, pay or gives scholarship, stipends ,rewards, allowances and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to help them in prosecuting their studies in schools, colleges, research or educational works in India and abroad.

To open, found, establish, promote, run or aid in setting up and or maintaining and or running hospitals, charitable dispensaries, maternity home, child welfare centers, hostels and similar institution or centers for rendering or providing medical relief and or aid to the suffering humanities or for research centers and institutions for promotion of research and education for medical science including surgery.

To promote, organize, administer, establish , support and maintain and or grand , aid to any person ,institutions or society or organization whatsoever having for its objects for its charitable purposes and incur expenditure in connection there with.

We Need Volunteers

To give, provide and or render help and assistance in cash or kind to poor and or destitute people, widows etc. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.

A place for worship, a good library, an auditorium and a shelter for the wayfarers: all add to the attraction of 'Peace Village.'